State Board

Chairman - Howard Blitz
Howard Blitz is an adjunct faculty member with Arizona Western College teaching Arizona and U.S. Constitution. He is the Founder/Director of The Freedom Library that provides scholarships to those who participate in The Freedom Library Education and Scholarship Program by having the opportunity to earn a $1,000 scholarship by completing the 12 – week class offered by The Freedom Library in the U.S. Constitution and economics. Howard is a retired State Farm Insurance agent operating his agency from 1976 to 2014.

Secretary - Jeff Daniels

Born in Providence, RI, I grew up in Massachusetts, I have been an Arizona resident for 26 years and a Libertarian for 24 years. I became involved with the Maricopa LP and AZLP in 1994 as secretary of both. I have been happily married for 27 years with 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren.
As I grew tired of City government control/overreach in Phoenix, I moved to an area outside of Payson, close to Christopher Creek. My wife and I then originally organized the Gila County LP in 2002.
I am presently the Financial Officer (Treasurer) of our local Fire District. I volunteer at our local Bible Fellowship as Audio/Video Technician/Ministry. I am also the Chair of the Gila County Libertarians and am now Secretary of the Arizona Libertarian Party.
As a business owner of 3 water utilities, We regularly deal with the AZCC, ADEQ, ADWR, Gila County, Etc…
If you take the time to research and Vote Libertarian, I personally thank you. I takes a lot to realize that what you have been accustomed to, might not be the best answer for all and simple non-aggression principles can work. We are all individuals and need to work with each other.

Assistant Secretary - Emily Goldberg

Treasurer - Robert Allen Pepiton

Robert Pepiton is a 15 year resident of LD27, graduating from Cesar Chavez High School in 2006, proceeding into Military service in the United States Army as a Military Police officer. He then attended Glendale Community College and Arizona State University becoming a Deans list student earning a B.S. in Criminal Justice and Criminology. He currently works at a small family owned dairy within LD27.

Assistant Treasurer - Laila Aussie

1st Vice Chair - Kevin McCormick

Kevin McCormick grew up in Ohio and moved to Arizona in 2002 after graduating from Ohio University.  Just like many other residents of Arizona he fell in love with the state and has made the state his home for the last 16 years. Kevin never felt comfortable with the policies and actions of the major political parties.  He believes in small government, lower taxes and the individual’s right to live their life free of government interference.  After watching the established parties raise taxes, grow the size of government every year and attack individual freedom he joined the Libertarian Party.  He was one of the candidates for President of the United States in 2016 before losing the nomination the Gary Johnson. 


2nd Vice Chair - Jonathan Winder
Jonathan Winder is an adventure seeker and fiercely independent thinker. He has a passion for further development of county affiliates across the state of Arizona in supporting the Arizona Libertarian Party.