Kim Ruff

State Mine Inspector


Candidate Info:ย 
Arizona is the only state in the entire union that has a State Mine Inspector and for good reason - copper mining is one of the "Five Cs" that defined our history and built our economy. It is an integral part of our identity as Arizonans, and it's the reason why our State Flag has a copper star and our Capitol Building a copper dome. As a Native Arizonan who grew up in this rich tradition and who cut her teeth in a family business that works for Arizona's myriad copper mines, Kim Ruff recognizes the important role the State Mine Inspector plays in educating miners and their subcontractors on safety practices in order to prevent fatal accidents, hazardous errors, and unwanted invitations to the federal government to stick their nose in our business. To the State Who Shares Their Birthday with Valentine's Day, Kim Ruff Says, "Be Mine (Inspector)"

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