There are 20,970 active registered Libertarian voters in Maricopa County as of November 6, 2018

Chairman: Brandon Slayton
1st Vice Chair: Chad Wolett
2nd Vice Chair: Nicholas Maxwell -
Secretary: Emily Goldberg -ย
Treasurer: Robert Allen Pepiton -


The Maricopa County Libertarian Party meets on the 2nd Monday of each month
Coco's Bakery Restaurant
2026 North 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85006

Maricopa County Libertarian Party
P.O. Box 55282
Phoenix, AZ 85078-5282
Tel: 602-456-2571
E-Mail:ย webmaster

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  • Nathan Madden
    I live in Buckeye, and I wish to get more involved with the Libertarian Party. I’d Like to potentially run for a local or state level office to help the LP, and to help the people.
  • Michael Strickland
    I am quite wanting to become more active in local and national politics. I have ideas, but also require more information on those things I do not understand. I am here because my beliefs most closely line up with libertarians. It is shameful to me that I had no idea who represented my district, 3rd, in the house. Given Iโ€™m coming in late, this would give two years to get acclimated and begin talking to people within the voting area. Just need to find a support system.
  • Stephen Smart
    Stephen Weston, I notice a lot of passion, at least in the way you dress other down. Which election are you filing nomination paperwork for?
  • Brian Hack
    Stephen Weston, if there is no desired option on your ballot… Would you mind being the option you desire?

    Don’t get me wrong but, perhaps you misidentified the source of the problem.
  • Stephen Weston
    I live in District 21 and I have to admit my extreme displeasure to learn that there is not one single Libertarian option on the ballot this year. One Independent running for Senate and a Green running for Gov and that’s the only non-Republican, non-Democrat options I get. The LP will never take over Washington D.C. if you can’t even manage to put up candidates for every local election. Who do you believe will take you seriously if you don’t even show up on the ballot, except on Presidential years? Don’t get me wrong, I want a third option! I would prefer it was the LP, but if your party isn’t serious about supplanting either of the current major parties then just admit it now and stop wasting my time. Next election I expect to see an LP candidate’s name running for every open position.