Get Involved

Join Your Local County Party
State and local parties constantly need new membership. Most States recognize Political Parties according to their membership. The more people, the louder the voice.

Become a Precinct Committeeman
If you're a registered Libertarian in Arizona, we need you to become a Precinct Committeeman. It is PCs who elect and serve on the county party boards and State Committee. If you would like to have a more direct voice in the operation of your Libertarian Party, become a PC!

Make A Contribution
We are fighting a battle against well funded established parties.  Your donations help us fight the unconstitutional laws designed to prevent Libertarians from appearing in elections and support our grass root efforts.  

The AZLP and county chapters are always involved in ballot initiatives, voter registration and education, and many other grassroots activities.  We can't continue to be the fastest growing political party in the United States without your help!

Run For A Local Office
Candidates are our life blood. One of the main purposes of a political party is to elect candidates. It takes people like you to effect real change in our system. The Arizona Secretary of State's contains instructions and links to guide you through the process.  Please contact us for assistance with the process to run for office.

Become Active in Your Community
Communities everywhere have multiple opportunities to effect local change. There are Fire, Water and School districts in almost every area that have Governing Boards and Public Meetings.

Register to Vote Libertarian
Registering to vote as a Libertarian is one of quickest ways to support the party.  Your registration helps keep our party status in Arizona and allows you to vote in our closed primary and sign petitions for Libertarian candidates.

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