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Barry Hess is the Governor Arizona needs to take us forward, and out of the rut we've been in since Napolitano's reign. He is the only real, principle-driven libertarian candidate. He is above party politics and instead chooses to run on the principles he will apply in office. This is the 5th time that Mr. Hess has offered his gifts to serve the People of Arizona. He knows the players, and how things really work behind closed doors in our State. Barry has earned the respect of all parties and politicians in Arizona by making clear statements, and being the only candidate in the running to have never 'flip-flopped' on an issue. He believes that the State's sole purpose is to protect the rights and property of all of Arizona's citizens equally, and is committed to drastically cutting the budget; getting the State out of matters where it has no constitutional authority; solving the 'immigration' debate; holding the State accountable for damages from overreach; stabilizing Arizona's economy; completely de-criminalizing marijuana; and is dedicated to eliminating ALL direct taxation (i.e. personal income and property taxes) and filing requirements for ALL Arizonans.

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