Jenn Gray

Secretary of State

Gray, Jenn (LBT)

Candidate Info:
Jenn Gray is the host of the Leading Liberty podcast and sought-after marketing and fundraising expert in the liberty movement. Best known for her record-breaking success with Larry Sharpe’s campaign for governor of New York, she also managed Kevin McCormick's campaign for governor of Arizona. Jenn works exclusively with pro-liberty non-profits and political campaigns, most recently as a digital marketing strategist for Reason magazine, Young Americans for Liberty, and a successfully elected libertarian on her hometown city council — for which she was a finalist for Campaign & Elections magazine’s coveted Reed Award for Best Use of Video on a Social Platform. During the 2016 election cycle, she self-funded video ad campaigns for Johnson Weld that reached over a million non-libertarians for a fraction of a penny apiece — and has since taught hundreds of activists how to replicate her results. Jenn is a mother, a small business owner, a top ten graduate of Hillsdale College, a former development director at the Goldwater Institute and Prometheus Institute, an instructor in the Libertarian Leadership Academy, and a featured guest in several libertarian media outlets and the I Am Gary Johnson documentary film.

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  • Kirk Anderson
    I heard your interview with IVN editor Shawn Griffiths about ineptness or possible corruption in the Maricopa County Election process. You said that paper signatures were being challenged and that a lot of people the county said were not registered to vote as well a high degree of human error in finding registered voters. Now in 2016, Helen Purcell was the county recorder and there were lots of issues here. We now have a new county recorder Adrian Fontes and I was wondering if he has tried to fix some of these issues or not. Thank you for your answer
  • Chris Butler
    Zero political history? I have issue with that, what does she stand for what has she voted on what is her voting history? You give this person the go ahead but I have no real info for me to make a sound choice. Not a good way to start. Some of the others here are unheard of as well.