Jeff Daniels

State Senator, LD6

Daniels, Jeff \



Candidate Info:ย 
I will do my best to return Arizona to it's people, by eliminating all unnecessary regulations and restrictions that impede the rights and abilities for people to prosper for themselves. I believe the Government has taken so much from the people that they have trouble simply surviving, instead of improving. I believe in Personal Property rights and our sovereignty and will defend them to the utmost. Our School system is completely out of control. Massive spending and moving further and further away. Our kids need to learn necessary life skills rather than simply learning how to pass tests. Another big issue lately is Immigration. It's a misconception that Libertarians want unsecured borders. My thought on this is that we appreciate legal immigration. It is what built our great Country. The problem is the crimes committed when illegal immigration is permitted, Fraud, Smuggling, Etc... I understand this is a small percentage of illegal immigrants, but it is also true that there is a small percentage of USA citizens that are criminals, but we still enforce the law. This needs to apply to everyone. Finally, I just want to say, if you want your freedoms back and your rights respected, Vote Libertarian.


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