We will list all Candidates for the 2020 Election cycle here so check back later. If you plan on running for an Office, please let us know by filling out the "Run for Office Form" on this Website.


We had quite a slate of Candidates in the 2018 Election Cycle:

Kevin McCormick: Governor
Barry Hess: Governor
Doug Marks: US Senate
Adam Kokesh: US Senate
Zhani Doko: US Representative
Michael Kielsky: Attorney General
Kim Ruff: State Mine Inspector
Jeff Daniels: State Senator LD6
Robert Allen Pepiton: State Representative LD27
Nicholas Sarwark: Phoenix Mayor
Jim Iaanuzzo: Central AZ Water Conservation District
Ronald Sereny: Central AZ Water Conservation District
Chris Will: Central AZ Water Conservation District

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  • Jacob K
    Need to find an efficient and easier way to collect signatures to get candidates on the ballot. My wife and I will sign any libertarians petition to get on the ballot. Tired of having no options on the ballot to vote for.
  • Leslie Fish
    What can we do to fill up the slate with Libertarian candidates, right down to the smallest town level? I’ll volunteer for my town, if you can’t find anyone else.