The Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate was chosen today, 5-23-20.

AZLP Board Resolution(May 10, 2020):

"The Arizona Libertarian Party, in the spirit of the patriots who founded our country, and Arizona freedom fighters who resisted federal government tyranny (including Cochise and Geronimo), condemn Governor Douglas Ducey's unconscionable and unauthorized restriction of our God-given rights of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of worship, and his unconstitutional economic devastation of the free market, which are the backbone of our economy.

The coronavirus pandemic poses significant challenges to public health and the healthcare sectors.  Destroying the constitutional freedoms upon which our political and economic systems were built does not remediate those challenges, but only handcuffs the ability of neighbors and citizens most willing and able to help by their own rightful and chosen means.

We therefore support his resignation or any recall efforts."



2020 Annual State Committeeman Meeting


Sea of Glass, Center for the Arts

Sea of Glass, Center for the Arts
332 E. 7TH STREET TUCSON, AZ 85705

Well, We did it! What a GREAT Meeting. We had a total of 91 Attendees registered(121 head count). What an excellent turnout. Everything went as smooth as possible and a fun and interesting was had by all (I hope).
The Candidate Forum was very informative and the Candidates answered all questions knowledgeable and professionally.

The 24 AZLP Delegates to LNC are as Follows:


Delegate List

  1. Michael Kielsky
  2. Elizabeth Nolan
  3. Ruth Bennett
  4. Ernest Hancock
  5. Emily Goldberg
  6. Alex Flores
  7. Jennifer Gray
  8. Mike Shipley
  9. Timothy Picciott
  10. David Howman
  11. William Yeniscsvich
  12. Kevin McCormick
  13. Jake/Christopher Campbell
  14. Michael Cloud
  15. James Cantrell

Ex- Officio

  1. Howard Blitz - AZLP Chairman
  2. Jeff Daniels - AZLP Secretary
  3. Robert Pepiton - AZLP Treasurer
  4. Richard Longstreth - LNC Reg. 1 Rep.
  5. Brandon Slayton - Maricopa Cty.Chair
  6. Tom Deaton - Pinal Cty. Chair
  7. Tim Benjamin - Yavapai Cty. Chair

** Two Board Members were qualified for 2 seats according to the AZLP ByLaws, as they both are County Chairman and AZLP Statutory Officers, Howard Blitz and Jeff Daniels. They have decided to give their second proxy seats to:

  • John Buttrick (John is also the 2020 Powell Gammill Award winner)
  • John Lookabaugh
Delegate Alternate list in order:
  1. Thomas Tanner
  2. Ross Levatter
  3. Keith Gallardo
  4. Shawn Patti
  5. David Stone
  6. Scott Ullery
  7. Norman Burden
  8. Virginia Stanek-Clark
  9. John Plante
  10. Katherine Yeniscavich
  11. Casey Williams
  12. Martha DeForest

Presidential Forum Video

Video Presentation of our Presidential Forum from the 2020 Annual Meeting.

The AZLP NewsLetter


Libertarian Response

There are 32,374 active registered Libertarians in Arizona.
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Who We Are

The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the United States. Millions of Americans have voted for Libertarian Party candidates in past elections throughout the country, despite the fact that many state governments place roadblocks in our path to keep our candidates off the ballot and deprive voters of a real choice.

Libertarians believe the answer to America’s political problems is the same commitment to freedom that earned America its greatness: a free-market economy and the abundance and prosperity it brings; a dedication to civil liberties and personal freedom; and a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace, and free trade as prescribed by America’s founders.

What began with a small group of activists in Colorado has become America’s third largest political party. We are the only political organization which respects you as a unique and competent individual.

America’s Heritage

Libertarians believe in the American heritage of liberty, enterprise, and personal responsibility. Libertarians recognize the responsibility we all share to preserve this precious heritage for our children and grandchildren.

Free and Independent

Libertarians believe that being free and independent is a great way to live. We want a system which encourages all people to choose what they want from life; that lets them live, love, work, play, and dream their own way.

Caring For People

The Libertarian way is a caring, people-centered approach to politics. We believe each individual is unique. We want a system which respects the individual and encourages us to discover the best within ourselves and develop our full potential.

Principled, Consistent

The Libertarian way is a logically consistent approach to politics based on the moral principle of self-ownership. Each individual has the right to control his or her own body, action, speech, and property. Government’s only role is to help individuals defend themselves from force and fraud.


The Libertarian Party is for all who don’t want to push other people around and don’t want to be pushed around themselves. Live and let live is the Libertarian way.


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