Organize your county party

Creating a new county LP affiliate requires going through a 5 step process in creating your organization.


1. Create an informal group

The first step is to get together with a small group of friends or local activists and start having regular meetings. Your group needs to create some sort of public presence on the internet whether it be a website, blog, or social media page.

2. Attaining initial representation

If the Libertarian Party does not have recognition in your county, a petition for party recognition must be filed with the officer in charge of elections in your county (usually a county elections director or equivalent) in accordance with ARS 16-802 and 16-803. You will need signatures from qualified electors (persons registered to vote) in your county equal to a minimum of 2% of the total votes cast for county attorney in your county in the last election (this information can be found on your county elections department website). This petition must be filed at least 180 days before the next primary election. Once this is completed, Libertarians can run for office in your county on the ballot.


3. Continued representation

Your group will need to insure continued representation for ballot access by making sure Libertarian voter registrations equal at least ⅔ of 1% of the total active voter registrations in your county by October 1st of the year before general election year. This is in accordance with ARS 16-804.


4. Precinct committeemen

Once continued representation for Libertarians is secured in your county pursuant to ARS 16-804, registered Libertarians in your county may run as precinct committeemen in their respective precincts. This is in accordance with ARS 16-821. This is done by filling out the requisite forms and petition with your county’s election department. This is normally done in May before primary election. The whole number of precinct committeemen in a county constitute the county committee of the party.


5. County committee organization

Pursuant to ARS 16-824, the county committee must conduct a statutory organizing meeting no earlier than 10 days after the last organizing meeting of any party legislative district committees in your county, and no later than the second Saturday in January of the year following a general election. This meeting must be in compliance with the AZLP Bylaws and Constitution, and will be validated by our state Chairman.

At this meeting you must elect the following 5 officers: Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman, 2nd Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary.
You must also adopt and pass a draft of your new party Constitution and Bylaws, as well as file a Political Committee Statement of Organization with the Secretary of State. The paperwork involved in this includes financial disclosure document.
All applicable state election laws pertaining to political parties can be found under Title 16 of the Arizona Revised Statutes.


Contact AZLP Leaders to get started.

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