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Office: , District 6
Phone: 623-419-4802


Jack Anderson is a business owner offering architectural design services. His libertarianism comes from the ideals of freedom expressed by Locke and Jefferson then implemented by Washington. His activism began with the helmet law in California. He ran twice for state legislature there. This is his 4th congressional campaign.


Congress was formed in Article 1 of the constitution for a reason. It is the most important branch of government; it is the branch designated to “represent” the people. We spend way too much time debating whom to elect as president, and far too little time interacting with our representatives.

Recent press reports cite a 9% approval rating for congress, an all time low with no turn-around in site. I see the number and can accept that is probably what a representative slice of America said on the phone. It does not however reflect reality.

Those who chose to run again for Congress in 2010 were reelected at an 87% rate. Although this was down from the 94% of the previous two terms, it still reflects a substantial approval rate. If we really “disapprove” of Congress, we need to stop reelecting them.

The sixth district will already eliminate one sitting congressman in the Republican Primary. With your help we can make it two.

If Americans want better government we should exercise our civic duty as voters. We don’t get to vote for congress as a whole, we vote for a single candidate for our district. Understand the issues. Understand your candidate’s positions. Call, write, email, visit, participate. You are responsible for the person you send.

We have the power to change the direction of government every two years. Let’s take advantage and make that change.


Our Platform expresses how we stand on many of the important issues that plague Arizona citizens. Click here to read our platform.

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