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Welcome to the Arizona Libertarian Party website!

"I heartily accept the motto, 'That government is best which governs least'"    - Henry David Thoreau

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Median Law will cost Big Money to violate Free Speech of Homeless
Posted by: Mike Shipley - December 4th
" The Phoenix CLUK: Campaign to Legalize Urban Kamping is speaking out against the new..."

Reminder - LNC national convention
Posted by: Warren Severin - May 8th
"Just a reminder that the LNC convention is coming up, Columbus OH, June 26 – 29. AZLP gets 24 ..."


Why APSí proposed use of ratepayer dollars to monopolize solar market is wrong
Posted by: Barry Hess - December 17th
"Op-ed Published in the Arizona Capitol Times, October 24, 2014. http://azcapitoltimes.com/news/2014..."

Final election results 2014
Posted by: Zhani Doko - November 5th
"The official results for the 2014 election are in. Here's a rundown of how Arizona Libertarians far..."


Our Platform expresses how we stand on many of the important issues that plague Arizona citizens. Click here to read our platform.

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January 24th
Arizona Libertarian Party Biennial Organizing Meeting - On Saturday January 24 2015 the Arizona Libertarian Party will hold its sta