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Welcome to the Arizona Libertarian Party website!

"I heartily accept the motto, 'That government is best which governs least'"    - Henry David Thoreau

Best wishes to our 2014 Libertarian candidates.

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Reminder - LNC national convention
Posted by: Warren Severin - May 8th
"Just a reminder that the LNC convention is coming up, Columbus OH, June 26 – 29. AZLP gets 24 ..."

Precinct Committeemen Needed
Posted by: Warren Severin - May 3rd
"If you're a registered Libertarian in Arizona, we need you to become a Precinct Committeeman. It is ..."


Verify the Vote! Become an Election Auditor!
Posted by: Jim Iannuzo - September 18th
" Verify the Vote! Become an election auditor! As a ballot qualified political party, Arizona..."

Vote for Write-in candidates
Posted by: Zhani Doko - July 25th
" Early voting for the Primary election starts in less than a week! When you get your Liberta..."


Our Platform expresses how we stand on many of the important issues that plague Arizona citizens. Click here to read our platform.

Upcoming Events

October 21st
Pima County Libertarian Party Monthly Meeting -  Notice: The date and location of the monthly Pima County Libertarian